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Chubb Appoints Glen Browne Deputy Regional President for Asia Pacific and Division President, Southeast Asia

Chubb announced today the appointment of Glen Browne as Deputy Regional President for Asia Pacific and Division President, Southeast Asia. In his new role, which is effective immediately, Mr. Browne will be responsible for the general management and business results in the six countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as any future territories in Southeast Asia.

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Rhenus Asia-Pacific Strengthens Customer-focused Strategy as it Continues Intra-Asia Push

Intra-Asia Trade continues to grow steadily as Asia and the Pacific saw its gross domestic product (GDP) rise from 30.1% in 2000 to 42.6%[1] in 2017, and account for more than a third of global exports. Average container utilization globally is expected to increase significantly from 68% in 2017 to around 80%[2] by 2022, with average regional utilization levels projected to increase most sharply in Greater China, North Asia, Southeast Asia and West Coast South America.

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Romantic Solaire Resort & Casino Arts, Food, Shopping, SPA and Music All-In-One

As the development of the global tourism industry grows year by year, the Philippines has been considered as the next must-visit country for tourists. The Solaire Resort & Casino in Manila, established and operated by a Filipino entrepreneur, aims to provide visitors with a taste of arts and cuisines, experience traditional Filipino SPA and enjoy international music performances. The uniqueness makes it a pleasant and romantic Philippines-style journey.

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FitnessSG launch a new co-collaboration platform to support and excel exercise professionals in Singapore

Operating as an independent and inclusive platform that recognises the need for collaboration, FitnessSG is bringing the idea of collaborative innovation to fitness. Offering exercise professionals, businesses, education providers and allied health practitioners the opportunity to connect and progress via their new co-collaboration initiative.

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