Leading the industry and adopting scientific method, Dragon Ginseng Enterprise’s products help improve suboptimal health status

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HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach  – 10 April 2018 – Hong Kong residents have a sedulous city life with inadequate rest. According to many studies, Hong Kong has the longest working hours among cities in the world while employees only grant for 17.2 paid leave on average. A recent research from the University of Hong Kong showed that more than 95 percent of Hongkongers are in suboptimal health status. For example, they are always get tired and suffer from back aches. Dragon Ginseng, believes that medicine and food have the same origin, and hopes Hongkongers can recuperate their health by the daily diet.

Ginseng is one of the main components to coordinate the body organs. Pharmacological research reveals that ingredients of ginseng help promoting the health. Ginseng is not only a medicine, but also is a natural edible for everyone.

Born in a family of Chinese medical practitioners, Hsie h Lung Fei is the chairman of Dragon Ginseng International Group and Dragon Ginseng Bio -Tech SDN BHD. He has followed his father’s footstep since his childhood, building his rich knowledge and expertise in Chinese medicine, especially Ginseng.

“Comprehensive functions of ginseng can nurse all of your internal organs and improve your health entirely”, he explained.

Each Dragon Ginseng is grown on Changbai Mountain, where is renowned as “the home of ginseng”. Research shows that Changbai Mountain is the best origin of the ginseng. The Dragon Ginseng is cultivated for 6 years in the Dragon Ginseng farm, containing over 168 kinds of trace elements. The farm is situated over 1000 feet above the sea level which fertile soil can make sure the ginseng is toxic free.

Dragon Ginseng also invested a lot of resources on setting up GMP biotechnological pharmaceutical plant and leveraged its own research and development team to upgrade the ginseng products. The ginseng is extracted in a low temperature environment at 28 Degree Celsius, therefore, Dragon Ginseng is more gentle and mild with the maximum nutrients. Ginseng products are suitable for people with different constitutions, which satisfies all the health needs in family.

Flagship store of Dragon Ginseng is located in 510, Nathan Apartment, Nathan Road in Yau Ma Tei. Dragon Ginseng has built up a historical reputation for its ginseng products, accumulating loyal customers ranged from 30 to 70- year-old. Some customers reflect that problems such as anemia and neurasthenia have been improved after taking the ginseng powder for three months.

After witnessing the powerful functions of Dragon Ginseng, customers have recommended the products to their family and friends. Well-received products include Ginseng Powder, Ginseng capsules and Ginseng sapon, which are suitable for self-use or gifting.

Career map of Chairman Hsieh Lung Fei covers the United States, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Besides, he is currently working with universities in Hong Kong to further study about ginseng and improve the quality of ginseng products. 

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