Asia gold industry blue chain community GGT,Bit Forex listing today

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SEOUL, KOREA – Media OutReach – October 23, 2018 – Goldlinks issued the gold community digital currency was officially traded on 17th October, the world’s largest digital currency exchange, Bit Forex. This forenoon, Goldlinks held listing commemoration and gold digital currency related press conference. Not only has the presence of Korean political and financial celebrities, but also the well-known celebrities of the royal family in the Middle East, the Asian financial experts, Asian blue chain technology experts and other distinguished guests from all around the world. And this day Goldlinks has announced that they prepare to work with Korean companies, Asian business groups and financial institutions to promote the establishment of the Asia Digital Currency Institute.

Goldlinks once issued Global Gold Cash by issuing Global gold industry blue chain digital assets and trading platform ways. At the press conference, Ouyang Yun, CEO of the Goldlinks consortium introduced the GGC and stated that ‘GGC is a transparent, safe and trustworthy asset as the physical gold’. The 100 digital currencies issued with 100% physical gold as the basic assets are equivalent to 1g gold, thus providing a perfect and decentralized basic assets management system. In order to guarantee the safety and transparency of GGC assets, third-party independent gold entrusted management of the enterprise to manage equivalent basic assets, and in the third-party eligible regulatory authority to comply with periodic reviews and strict real-name authentication (KnowYourCustomer) procedures.

Because of its natural scarcity and stability, gold is still the first choice in hedging assets, even the financial hedging means during the financial crisis and the ultimate international means of payment. GGC ensures the convenience and stability of trading not only by inheriting gold’s advantages of scarcity, restraining inflation and fluctuation of exchange rate to avoid risks, but also by adopting the unchangeability and operational characteristics of the distributed recording of bule chain technology, which offer decent conditions for the circulation of GGC.

According to Reuters Communication Agency’s report, a Korean Corporation successfully withdrawed by paying GGC in the KG standard entity gold cabinet of Brinks coffers in Hong Kong. GGC enables all the processes from issuing and circulating to paying gold digital currency become possible, which implies a new reform of the standard model for international trading statements.

Today, the GGT(Global Gold Token) listed on the BitForex is capable to share values to all the members in Goldlinks’ eco-community through taking advantages of the member id identification in Goldlinks community as well as the recording, management and distribution of utility token.

At the end of the meeting, together with every Asian business group, Goldlinks launched the project of setting up Asia Digital Currency Institution(ADCI) and claimed that it would contribute its power to the actual utilization of digital currency in public departments as well as asia business areas through the technical research of digital currency.

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