China’s Global and ASEAN Trade Connectivity Leveled Up With Guangxi-Singapore Connectivity

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Mr Liu Jingchang, Director of China-ASEAN information Harbor (CAIH) and Mr Chong Kok Keong, CEO of Global eTrade Services (GeTS) formalising the partnership witnessed by Mr Huang Junhua, the Vice Governor of People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region.

Guangxi’s CAIH and Singapore’s GeTS to jointly pilot international trade facilitation module for Southern Transport Corridor and beyond

SINGAPORE / GUANGXI, CHINA – Media OutReach – 28th May 2018 – China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co. (CAIH) is partnering GeTS (Global eTrade Services in partnership with PSA International, developer and operator of CALISTA™ – CArgo Logistics, Inventory Streamlining & Trade Aggregation) to enhance trade connectivity between Chinese traders and shippers, especially along the Southern Transport Corridor, for more efficient trade declaration of cargoes in 23 Customs nodes* around the world.

Commemorating the signing agreement for the joint pilot project during the 10th Pan-Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation Forum in Nanning, Guangxi recently, both parties are integrating Guangxi’s International Module, with GeTS’ CALISTA™ platform, making trade declarations along China’s Southern Transport Corridor (STC) easier, more accessible and predictable.

 With 139.6 million tons of cargoes imported (valued at 10.62b RMB) and exported (valued at 18.59b RMB) from Guangxi’s Customs borders and three major ports (Beihai, Fangcheng and Qinzhou), the volume of trade declarations is growing exponentially. Guangxi is looking to make it easier for traders to automate declarations, enabling more efficient trade across borders.

Guangxi is China’s gateway to ASEAN. With the partnership between Singapore and China governments through the Southern Transport Corridor, greater trade is expected to transit from as far as Europe to Guangxi, and onwards to Singapore and ASEAN either through land or by sea. This will create a ripple effect for traders to leverage logistic infrastructures along the STC from Guangxi to Singapore, ASEAN and the rest of the world.

The pilot will enable traders to reuse digital data from their shipping documents for import and export declarations, enabling a seamless declaration process for faster goods clearance across different Customs nodes, reducing re-keying in of data, filing errors and consequent fines.

Partners can also access relevant information on a common platform that tracks declaration information chronologically, enabling better communications between parties with real-time visibility of their goods’ movement, enabling better resource planning and record-keeping. This module also increases productivity by one-and-a-half times, enabling business owners to streamline resources. In addition, this pilot international module will also include other key physical and non-physical features such as regulatory and financial activities on a digital eco-system that serves the community of logistics players and stakeholders.


Mr Li Heng, Vice President of CAIH said: “As part of the international cooperation in the development of Southern Transport Corridor Single-Window, CAIH and GeTS’ pursuit in developing inter-connectivity among ASEAN countries with China through B2B connectivity (private sector), will be an impetus to facilitate trade and Customs clearance between China, especially for the provinces along STC, and with ASEAN.  This in turn will promote in-depth collaboration in logistics, trade, financial and other fields within the region.  This initiative is of great significance that will further advance the construction of the China-ASEAN Information Port, and promote cross-border trade in the central and Western regions of China.”

Mr Eugene Wong, Chairman of CrimsonLogic and Global eTrade Services (GeTS) said: “China is becoming the largest economy in the world, with the volume of trade transactions growing exponentially within Asia. The proposed Southern Transport Corridor from Guangxi to Singapore, is a strategic connection for business communities between China and the ASEAN region.  We are pleased to work with CAIH to achieve this critical connectivity in order to facilitate trade for businesses.”

Mr Chong Kok Keong, CEO of Global eTrade Services (GeTS) said: “We are very honored to be able to establish a win-win partnership with CAIH, where we are able to bring our global trade knowledge and expertise to elevate the efficiencies of trade compliance to the next level in Guangxi and to the rest of China to make global trade more accessible, predictable and easier.  Together with CAIH, we hope to establish a greater foothold in one of the world’s largest economies that will further enlarge our current global user base of 6,400 customers and close to 175,000 connected parties.”

* Visit GeTS for list of Customs nodes

About Global eTrade Services (GeTS)

Global eTrade Services (GeTS) is a CrimsonLogic subsidiary and a key growth engine for the Group.  GeTS has a comprehensive suite of services that helps traders meet regulatory and compliance requirements from Government agencies and trade associations around the world.  Based on a SaaS model, GeTS is centred on a Single Window (SW) that facilitates global trade with Compliance Connectivity, eAdvisory and Data Analytics suite of services.

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