Club Med Raises Cultural and Gastronomic Entertainment Across Key Mainland China Resorts

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Club Med Raises Cultural and Gastronomic Entertainment Across Key Mainland China Resorts

Club Med Joyview Golden Coast Launches a Multi-sensory Culinary Journey While Club Med Guilin Showcases Local Minority Traditions

SHANGHAI, CHINA – Media OutReach – August 23, 2018 – Club Med, the world’s leading provider of upscale, all-inclusive holiday packages with a French touch for families and working couples, is elevating the cultural and gastronomic scene in Mainland China by showcasing ancient minority traditions at Club Med Guilin, as well as bringing premium culinary experiences to Club Med Joyview Golden Coast with “Le Petit Chef in the Footsteps of Marco Polo”.

Club Med Joyview Golden Coast Launches a Multi-sensory Culinary Journey

“Club Med has a well established reputation for providing a fulfilling holiday experience, and our resorts in Guilin and Golden Coast are certainly no exception in offering guests an immersive experience that’s full of happiness”, said Gino Andreetta, CEO of Club Med Greater China. “We are delighted to be able to offer guests a fantastic and fun-filled holiday, with fascinating interactions with local cultures and exquisite dining for all the family and friends.”

At Club Med Joyview Golden Coast, guests will embark on a multi-sensory journey through premium and innovative gourmet experiences. Running from September 1 to November 30 2018, guests visiting the resort during this period can partake in various culinary activities that will create lasting memories. “Le Petit Chef” is an extraordinary experience for the taste buds, following the travels of Marco Polo through a six-course meal that touches on Arabic, Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese and French flavours. A 3D animation projected onto the dining table with a unique storyline adds to the excitement and enhances the sensory experience for diners. At RMB 358 per person and RMB 298 for children aged 4 to 11 years old, culinary heaven is no longer just a fantasy.

The resort also offers “Unparalleled Flavors,” a cooking class featuring Executive Chef Gary Wang who boasts more than 20 years of experience at the pinnacle of the culinary world and is well versed in Italian, Chinese and Asian cuisine. He will demonstrate the fine art of cooking to all aspiring home chefs. Dishes include favourites such as a selection of European seafood tapas, roast beef tenderloin flavoured with Himalayan salt, pan-fried seabass with Indian red curry rice and Chinese buns stuffed with tender donkey meat.

Club Med Guilin Showcases Local Minority Traditions

At Club Med Guilin, situated alongside the enchanting landscape that the region is renowned for, daily activities bring guests in touch with the local ethnic minorities and their ancient culture. Running until the end of September 2018, the initiative aims to celebrate minority cultures while offering guests a unique holiday experience packed with enjoyable and educational activities. As visitors arrive at the resort they will be warmly greeted by a lively folk dance at the Atelier restaurant with beautiful Lusheng music playing in the background. A delicious menu comprised of delicacies from various minorities such as the Zhuang, Miao and Dong nationalities will have guests’ mouths watering and begging for more.

Through a range of artistic activities, guests at Club Med Guilin can discover the creative arts of minority nationalities. Learning from expert folk artists of the Maonan minority, visitors at the resort will have the opportunity to weave their own handicrafts such as straw hats, baskets and even small animals. Families will also appreciate the creative artwork activities aimed at curious and imaginative youngsters where they will be able to unleash their creativity in painting canvas bags, fans and dolls. Minority dance performances will also be held during this time, whereby guests at Club Med are invited up to participate in a thrilling bamboo dance competition under the guidance of the female dancers. Those visiting the resort in September are in for an extra special welcome as their arrival will coincide with the minority Ha Festival that promises a fun and spirited festive atmosphere for all involved.

Club Med offers a fresh, enchanting and immersive environment, and its resorts have raised the standard of cultural and gastronomic entertainment throughout Mainland China. For bookings, please visit

About Club Med

Club Med, founded in 1950 by Gérard Blitz, invented the all-inclusive holiday club concept, adding in activities especially for children with the creation of the Mini Club in 1967. Led by its pioneering spirit, Club Med seeks out exceptional destinations and sites. Today, Club Med is the world’s leading provider of upscale, all-inclusive holiday packages with a French touch for families and working couples. Club Med operates 70 resorts, of which 85% are rated Premium & Exclusive Collection. Present in around 30 countries around the world, the Group employs more than 23,000 Gentils Organisateurs (G.Os) and Gentils Employés (G.Es), and representing 110 nationalities.

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