Connecting Taiwan to the Global Technology Startup Ecosystem: Taiwan Tech Arena and TIEC Host the 2018 Pitch and Match Event With Invitations to 28 Global Venture Capitals and 74 Startups

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Well-known media from around the world such as: Bloomberg, BBC, Singapore's e27, and Taiwan's Business Next share how the media interprets startup perspectives and techniques that will garner media attention for startups.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – June 6, 2018 – According to the 2018 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, global venture capitalists invested over USD $140 billion in startups in 2017, hitting a decade high.

In order to establish Taiwan as a hub for global startup ecosystems and international entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) has officially founded Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) located in Taipei Arena as Taiwan’s first global base for young entrepreneurs and innovation. TTA aims to build a technology startup ecosystem by bringing together international startups, accelerators, capital, and resources.

TTA has partnered with Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) to establish Taiwan as an important player in the global startup ecosystem. Today (June, 6th), the two jointly host the 2018 TTA and TIEC Pitch and Match at InnoVEX (Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 3) with invitations to a total of 28 international investors from the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Additionally, 74 domestic and foreign startups were invited to attend along with the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office (NTIO) to select 16 teams that also attend the day’s events.

Entrepreneurial Game Changer Forum — Unveiling InnoVEX

The Pitch and Match event kicks off with TTA’s “Entrepreneurial Game Changer” forum. The event features a fireside chat with global accelerators LUMO Labs (Netherlands) and Techstars (U.S.) sharing tips on entrepreneurial opportunities in technology and how to establish a comprehensive ecosystem though innovation and partnerships between corporations and investors.

Furthermore, the “Meet the Media” portion of the event assists startups in establishing relationships with journalists for mutual understanding of their needs and focus. Well-known media from around the world such as: Bloomberg, BBC, Singapore’s e27, and Taiwan’s Business Next share how the media interprets startup perspectives and techniques that will garner media attention for startups.

In the afternoon, the “Meet the Startup” program allows 22 of the most promising startups selected from submissions pitch to the public and 28 global venture capitalist representatives. The “Meet the Capital” segment matches international VCs and promising startups in 1-on-1 meetings to aid in the discovery of tomorrow’s rising starts and potential power players.

Looking towards the future, TTA will continue to organize international pitch and match events in the hopes of establishing Taiwan as Asia Pacific’s hotbed for startup investment. TTA will assist technology startups in obtaining global startup resources to lead Taiwanese startups into the global startup ecosystem.

TTA Exhibition Premiere

5 Startup Project Resources and Results in 6 Major Fields

At this year’s InnoVEX, TTA premieres MoST’s five startup project resources including: FITI project (counseling for innovative research team startups), iCAN project (accelerating academic results into startup businesses and building partnerships between startups and corporations), TRUST-U value project (promoting global and industry connections, accelerating derivative startup companies with market value), TITAN project (industry counseling with instructors, industry prototyping resources, accelerating time to product), and, finally, TIEC project (leading teams to expand foreign business opportunities).

The theme of this exhibit focuses on the six major technology fields being worked on throughout the world: water world, life, machines, robotics, AR/VR, and biomedical. The exhibit hopes to present Taiwan’s startup power in these six fields and attract international resources to send teams to the Asia-Pacific and global startup ecosystem.

Notable startups this year include: Umbo Computer Vision, Akubic, TTT Technology, HEX Safety, BRAXX Biotech Inc., and more. These startups are not only deeply rooted in technology, but possess commercial value for development. MoST will continue to provide counsel through startup projects in hopes of helping these companies develop and grow.


TTA Exhibition Premiere

5 Startup Project Resources and Results in 6 Major Fields

This year at InnoVEX, TTA presents MoST’s five startup project resources and performance results in six major fields. The focus of the exhibition includes promising startups: Umbo Computer Vision, Akubic, TTT Technology, HEX Safety, and BRAXX Biotech Inc.

Umbo Computer Vision has developed an artificial intelligence light that possesses near human vision and real-time pixel identification capabilities that can quickly grasp changes in environments. Their distribution network spans 32 countries and the startup is the security industry’s first mover in AI real-time image identification technology.

Akubic is a smart cloud-based management system for aquatic environments based on multiple water quality parameters. The system can simultaneously measure multiple water quality variables for automatic upload to the cloud at an affordable price for aquaculture operators. The service allows for water quality data monitoring at all times along with alarm services.

TTT Technology is making waves in the new organic industry 4.0 with organic waste alchemy. The company developed innovative TTT technology that quickly processes organic waste to create organic fertilizer. It hopes to become the world’s fastest organic waste recycling system.

HEX Safety is the leader in dynamic escape as the company’s technology has been incorporated in the fire industry. The company invested in the development of “smart evacuation solutions” that has passed “fire equipment and facility approval” and obtained three patents. It was awarded the iF Product Design Award in 2016.

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