Digital currency market 100 billion market value is coming!

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HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 3 October 2018 – By controlling oil and military during the first and the second world wars, Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Foundation and Citibank rise rapidly.

With the rapid accumulation of wealth they move to the financial sector, and firmly hold the financial markets such as stocks, securities, funds and trust assets for hundreds of years. No one can shake its financial status.

However there haven’t exists a giant company in the digital currency financial market with 100 billion market value based on blockchain. The core characteristics of blockchain technology such as decentralization, traceability, non-tamperability and openness have established a trust mechanism with low cost. From centralized accounting to distributed accounting, from additions and deletions to non-tampering, from unilateral maintenance to multi-party maintenance, its unique trust-building mechanism bashes the pain point of traditional industries, which is the indispensable key technology for the future development of digital economy and newly trust system building.

Mars Digital Asset Bank was born in the blue ocean market of digital currency. With the early dividend of the market, our profit has reached 18.65 million US dollars. As one of the main formats of the BihuEx Fund Mgmt, it seamlessly undertakes the introduction of the 500,000 users from BihuEx Digital Asset Exchange. The registered users are expected to break 1 million, and the cumulative business scale will exceeds 1.5 billion US dollars at the end of 2018.

To speed up its development and meet capital requirements on technical security, global promotion, team building, license applying and provisions for banking turnover, Mars Digital Asset Bank plans to raise USD 9.5 million by releasing 8% of its total shares in the first phase of offering. Please click the link to learn more about us. Prior to decision making, investors are kindly requested to carefully read the Prospectus.

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