Fall in Love with Farm Village Experience in Kaohsiung at Once

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OSAKA, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 24 October 2019 – Agriculture Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, spares no effort to promote the farm village experience. “One-day Farmer in Kaohsiung” is the traveling itinerary combining fruit-picking and farming experience and features the in-depth experience in farm villages. From Namasia firefly season, Baolai plum blossom season and hot spring season, to Dashu Pineapple and Litchi Festival, the seasonal itineraries corresponding to the local characteristics are deeply loved by the tourists at home and abroad. It is good time to pick fruit all year round in Kaohsiung, such as Liugui Jinhuang mangos and wax apples, Qishan bananas, Yanchao guavas, Dashu pineapples, and Meinong cherry tomatoes, especially mangos and bananas, which are the favorite of the Japanese tourists.

Many interested Japanese are inquiring about rural tours in Kaohsiung.


This year, “One-day Farmer in Kaohsiung” will present the winter and spring itineraries to the Japanese tourists, such as digging out turmeric by hand, tasting the turmeric dishes and making litchi wood tableware in Qishan, watching fireflies and enjoying the indigenous cuisine and handmade pizza in Namasia, picking passion fruit, enjoying the farmers’ special meals, and experiencing the indigo dye DIY in Shanlin. At the promotion of Nagoya, they are well received by the travel agencies in central Japan. In response to the modern trend in favor of slow travel and in-depth exploration, the itineraries of shopping in the foreign countries have gradually been replaced by those of the local experiences. What’s more, the distance between Taiwan and Japan is not far, and the Taiwanese people are friendly and enthusiastic. Therefore, the number of the Japanese visiting Taiwan every year is growing steadily.


Director of Agriculture Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, Wu Fang-ming, said it is only a thirty-minute drive from the city center of Kaohsiung to the farm villages such as Dashu and Qishan. Besides receiving the group tourists, “One-day Farmer in Kaohsiung” also provides the exclusive itinerary for the independent travelers. It is good time to pick fruit all year round in Kaohsiung. Besides, the farm village community partners offer the different DIY experiences. For more related information, please contact [email protected].

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