Inmagine and GliaCloud Partner to Advance AI-based Video Creation

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Inmagine Group

HONG KONG, TAIPEI, TAIWAN & TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – April 9, 2018 – Inmagine Group and GliaCloud are teaming up to empower creative individuals and businesses around the world to quickly and easily produce high-impact videos using artificial intelligence (AI) and high-quality stock video footage, audio, animation and still images.

With the ability to attract and hold audience attention and quickly convey complex ideas, video has become an essential communications tool for bloggers, business communicators and social media aficionados. But video production still requires specialist expertise and access to unique original footage and quality creative commons content. As a result, few content creators have either the ability to produce videos in-house or the time or budget to hire a professional production team.

Together, Inmagine and GliaCloud are removing these barriers.

“Bringing GliaCloud’s unique AI-based video creation platform together with Inmagine Group’s vast library of free and affordable content gives creatives a new way to tell their stories,” said Agnes Peng, co-founder and COO of GliaCloud. “Video is a great way to share information, express opinions and tell stories in a fast-paced digital world where on-line video is ubiquitous and most people have a screen with them at all times.”

GliaCloud’s video creation platform GliaStudio uses AI to analyze and summarize text articles in English, Chinese or Japanese and automate video production using stock images and video clips.

Inmagine Group owns o ne of the world’s largest content libraries, with a curated collection of more than 100 million pieces of quality content from a global creative ecosystem that spans the globe.

GliaStudio and Inmagine will give users access to AI-powered video creation tools and a vast content library of high-quality images, audio and footage at suitable pricing models. This puts video creation into the hands of non-professionals around the world and supports in-house video production teams to use automation to enhance their efficiency and focus on value-added work.

“We are excited to empower more people to tell their stories more vividly through video and to help the creative industry harness the power of AI,” said Stephanie Sitt, co-founder and CEO of Inmagine Group.

“Inmagine Group and GliaCloud will explore new ways of bringing AI-based video creation to the global market. We both believe there are potential synergies, given Inmagine Group’s global presence and long-standing relationships with content creators and GliaCloud’s AI expertise and experience in the production of over one million machine-generated videos,” she continued.


GliaCloud is a technology company that aims to empower every individual to use and enjoy Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in their daily lives. GliaCloud’s flagship product, GliaStudio, uses AI technology to automatically create videos in a very short time. The service currently supports Chinese, English and Japanese content. Users include the largest blogger platform in Taiwan, the leading news platforms in China, and the top content management system in Japan.

How GliaStudio works: Users upload a file or content URL and GliaStudio’s natural language algorithm will summarize the text and generate a video script with sections and highlights that cover major topics and keywords. The platform’s AI engine will then search for and edit images and clips that correspond to the script. A user-friendly editing package gives users the option of creating different versions of the generated video for testing or for publishing on different channels.


Inmagine Group has over 350 staff in 40 offices around the globe. It was founded in 2000 as and, despite being fully bootstrapped, has quickly expanded its reach with sites like 123RF, TheHungryJPEG, StockUnlimited, and Story & Heart and tools like the vector graphics editor Vectr and the widely used cloud and mobile photo editor Pixlr .

Inmagine Group has one of the world’s largest content libraries across the creative ecosystem and draws over 40 million visitors a month to its various online properties.

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