InSilico Medicine Presents Latest AI Drug Discovery Methods at Inaugural Taiwan PDA Conference

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – November 7, 2018 – Insilico Medicine, a Rockville-based company specializing in the application of next-generation artificial intelligence for drug discovery, biomarker development, and aging research, was invited to speak at the first PDA (Parenteral Drug Association) conference to be held in Taiwan, the 2018 PDA Drug Delivery of Injectables Conference.

The conference, a four-day event featuring both exhibitions and in-depth courses, is being held at Taipei’s Regent Hotel, from November 6-9, 2018. Artur Kadurin, InSilico Medicine’s Chief AI Officer and CEO of Insilico Taiwan, has been invited to present a course focusing on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery and other solutions. He will also participate in a panel discussion to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by AI.

The 2018 PDA Drug Delivery of Injectables Conference is jointly organized by PDA, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion Office (BPIPO) and SHL Group (Scandinavian Health Limited).

Experts from around the world will be attending the conference to share key information and insights on the latest drug delivery devices, smart manufacturing, international quality systems regulations, market trends, niche products and the application of connected medical devices in the pharmaceutical industry. The conference is a key component in promoting Taiwan’s pharmaceutical industry to the world while enhancing and accelerating international cooperation between local manufacturers and the global pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Kadurin will participate in the afternoon panel session on November 7th to discuss AI in the context of advantages for patients, doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies; drivers, challenges and hurdles; business opportunities for pharma, electronics, and the IT industry, as well as opportunities for Taiwan.

The panel will be jointly hosted by Dr. Herbert Wu, President of Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) and Markus Bauss, Managing Director of SHL Connect. In addition to Mr. Kadurin, other panelists will include: Dr. Jai-Yen Chen, Senior Reviewer in Division of Medical Devices, Center for Drug Evaluation; Alex Dee, Vice President, Product Marketing, FIC; Mathias Romacker, Senior Director, Device Strategy/Marketing, Pfizer, Inc; Kimmy Chang Chien, Sanofi Taiwan; and Thomas Schoenknecht, PhD, Executive Director, Business Development, SHL Group.

With the global population and life expectancy ever increasing, the global pharmaceutical industry continues to experience rapid growth. Each year, total revenue reaches new highs. Likewise, research and development into innovative new drugs and methods to treat diseases, both old and new, continues to expand. New techniques such as AI that utilize innovative, previously impossible methods, are receiving increasing attention.

With the recent development of deep learning technology, AI has shown amazing results in a variety of fields. On November 8th, Mr. Kadurin will offer an in-depth course titled: “Use of Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery.” The course will explore AI’s role in the emerging future of interdisciplinary collaboration between medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and illustrate the great success of AI’s applications in biomedicine after the rise of deep learning.

The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) is the leading global facilitator of science, technology, and regulatory information. In cooperation with the US FDA, PDA creates awareness and understanding of important issues facing the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical community and delivers education for the community, including international conferences and related training to assist governments and pharmaceutical firms around the world. PDA trains members in production, quality control, and quality assurance and other related operations and management personnel, thereby helping to enhance the relevant expertise and knowledge in the production of sterile preparations and biological preparations.

This year’s PDA conference is being held in Taiwan for the first time, with an aim towards helping upgrade Taiwan’s pharmaceutical industry through the application of emerging technologies. The focus of this year’s conference was on collaborative business challenges in the successful development of pharmaceuticals, medical materials, and devices, with a special focus on the future applications of AI in drug discovery and development.

About Insilico Medicine, Inc. / Insilico Taiwan Ltd.

Insilico Medicine is an artificial intelligence company with R&D offices and resources in the US, Belgium, Russia, the UK, Taiwan, and Korea, sourced through hackathons and competitions. The company and its scientists are dedicated to extending human productive longevity and transforming every step of the drug discovery and drug development process through excellence in biomarker discovery, drug development, digital medicine, and aging research.

Insilico pioneered the applications of the generative adversarial networks (GANs) and reinforcement learning for generation of novel molecular structures for diseases with a known ligand and with no known targets. In addition to working collaborations with large pharmaceutical companies, the company is pursuing internal drug discovery programs in cancer, dermatological diseases, fibrosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS, diabetes, sarcopenia, and aging. Through a partnership with the company launched a range of nutraceutical products, compounded using advanced bioinformatics and deep learning techniques. It also provides a range of consumer-facing applications, including Young.AI.

In 2017, NVIDIA selected Insilico Medicine as one of the Top 5 AI companies for potential in social impact. In 2018, the company was named one of the global top 100 AI companies by CB Insights. In 2018 it received the Frost & Sullivan 2018 North American Artificial Intelligence for Aging Research and Drug Development Award accompanied by industry brief.

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