Mason Group’s Reproductive Healthcare Merges with The Women’s Clinic To Form Hong Kong’s Largest and Asia’s Leading IVF Medical Group

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Mason Group announced the merger between its subsidiary Reproductive Healthcare and The Women’s Clinic to form Hong Kong’s largest and Asia’s leading IVF medical group. Lower row: (1st left) Dr. Alexander DOO, Medical Director of The Women’s Clinic and the President-elect of the Hong Kong Society for Reproductive Medicine (2nd left) Dr. Milton LEONG, the Founder of The Women’s Clinic (2nd right) Dr. Clement HO, the Founder of Reproductive Healthcare (1st right) Mr. Chapman CHAN, Managing Director of Strategic Investments and Director of Reproductive Healthcare Upper row: (1st left) Dr. Nelson WONG, Director of Reproductive Healthcare (2nd left) Mr. Jeff CHEN, Chief Strategy

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 17 May 2018 – Mason Group Holdings Limited (“Mason Group”, stock code: 273.HK) today announced the merger between its subsidiary Reproductive Healthcare and The Women’s Clinic to form Hong Kong’s largest and Asia’s leading IVF (in vitro fertilization) medical group. Teaming up the very top talents and state-of-the-art technologies in the industry, the new IVF medical group will command a 30% share in the IVF market in Hong Kong.

Concurrently, Mason Group announced a strategic agreement with WeDoctor Holdings Limited (“WeDoctor”), China’s leading technology-enabled medical and healthcare solutions platform, pursuant to which WeDoctor will be a strategic investor of the new IVF medical group. It is the first investment of WeDoctor outside Mainland China and marks an important step in its international expansion strategy.

The new IVF medical group will see nearly 30 doctors and specialists in Reproductive Medicine, O&G, Embryology, Urology and other relevant specialties from Reproductive Healthcare and The Women’s Clinic join forces to operate three clinics and three IVF laboratories to provide in Hong Kong and the Asian region comprehensive and reliable IVF medical services, which include intra-uterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization / test tube baby, frozen-thawed embryo transfer, and egg freezing services.

Dr. Clement HO, the founder of Reproductive Healthcare, said, “We are delighted with our merger with The Women’s Clinic, which enables us to jointly expand our scale of operation under the new IVF medical group. We would also like to welcome WeDoctor, our strategic shareholder. The mission of the new IVF medical group is to be the platform for drawing and bringing together IVF specialists to propel the growth and development of the IVF industry in the region.”

Dr. Milton LEONG, the founder of The Women’s Clinic, said, “The Women’s Clinic and I have been committed to serving our patients’ needs through the provision of quality services. We hold a positive view as to the potential and outlook of the IVF market. We look forward to leveraging the combined efforts of the teams under the new IVF medical group, and utilising the new technologies supported by big data, to further contribute to the growth of the market.”

Dr. Alexander DOO, The Women’s Clinic medical director and the president-elect of the Hong Kong Society for Reproductive Medicine, said, “It is our common vision that through the merger, we can further integrate our resources, share experience, and exchange technologies to continue to offer high quality medical services and raise the success rates for patients. Our goal is to help more couples whose dreams are to have children.”

Mr. Po Ming KO, Chairman and CEO of Mason Group, said, “Mason Group has been committed to consolidating the high-end medical market in Hong Kong to create a medical platform with economies of scale. We are excited to have facilitated the alliance between Reproductive Healthcare and The Women’s Clinic, two of the industry giants in the IVF market, to build the largest IVF talent pool in Hong Kong to meet the growing market demand. The new IVF medical group will realise Mason Group’s vision in establishing Hong Kong as an IVF hub in Asia, providing the best and most advanced IVF technologies in the region. Dr. Clement Ho and Dr. Milton Leong are pioneers with pivotal positions in respect of IVF in Hong Kong, developing alongside the industry for decades. Dr. Milton Leong was the first medical practitioner who successfully completed the first IVF case in Hong Kong. The considerable experience and expertise of their teams will accelerate the future development of the new IVF medical group. We are also honoured to have WeDoctor’s investment as the strategic shareholder of the new IVF medical group, to jointly develop the IVF market, which has extraordinary growth potential.”

“Hong Kong is renowned for its high quality medical services,” commented Mr. Joel CHANG, Chief Operating Officer of Mason Group. “New national policies, together with other issues that come along with urbanisation, have given rise to the increasing demand for leading edge IVF services. Mason Group is seizing first-mover advantage to establish a large-scale IVF medical group in Hong Kong through the acquisition, which focuses on the providing premium medical services in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay area. This will help consolidate Mason Group’s position in the finance and integrated healthcare ecosystem.”

Mr. Jeff CHEN, Chief Strategy Officer of WeDoctor, said “WeDoctor has always been focusing on strategic opportunities that complement our core businesses. As the first overseas investment project of WeDoctor outside of Mainland China, the IVF medical group offers enormous growth potential and synergies to our platform. It plays a crucial role in enhancing WeDoctor’s healthcare and medical service capabilities. Reproductive Healthcare and The Women’s Clinic are the premier medical institutions in the IVF market. Together with the highly positive outlook of this market, we believe our strategic collaboration will generate synergies to drive WeDoctor’s business development in Mainland China as well as in overseas markets.”

According to the Council on Human Reproductive Technology, the number of reproductive treatment cycles in Hong Kong has increased from 6,400 in 2009 to 14,700 in 2016, representing a compound annual growth rate of 13%. In Hong Kong, public hospitals generally have limited budgets for providing fertility treatment services, and the waiting time is comparatively long. Therefore, the demand for the local and cross-border fertility treatment services is usually handled by private clinics, reflecting the remarkable prospects for the development of this market. With the implementation of the second child policy in Mainland China, the market expects that a large number of older Mainland Chinese women who plan to give birth to their second child will come to Hong Kong to receive treatments, which will drive the rapid growth of the IVF market in Hong Kong.

About Mason Group

Mason Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 273.HK) is a health and wealth solutions service conglomerate. It principally provides comprehensive financial services in Hong Kong, including financial brokerage services, leveraged and acquisition financing, asset and wealth management services and mortgages business. In addition, the Group provides innovative health solutions through its healthcare business, mother-infant-child business, and dairy products manufacturing business. Leveraging its “Health + Wealth” strategy, the healthcare business provides steady capital and a client base resource that support the rapid development of the Group’s financial services business.

About Reproductive Healthcare

In 1998, Reproductive Healthcare’s founder Dr. Clement Ho pioneered the first outpatient IVF laboratory in Hong Kong. He subsequently incorporated and expanded his practice so as to meet the growing demand and to fulfil his vision of establishing a centre of excellence. Today, Reproductive Healthcare comprises a group of specialists in Reproductive Medicine, O&G, Embryology, Urology and other relevant specialties, and currently operates 2 clinics and 2 IVF laboratories in Hong Kong through Reproductive Healthcare Ltd and Victory A.R.T Laboratory Ltd, respectively.

About The Women’s Clinic

The Women’s Clinic is a women’s health and treatment clinic established by Dr. Milton Leong in 1991. Founded on Dr. Leong’s experience and achievements in gynecology, especially infertility and IVF, the clinic has grown to provide one-stop all-inclusive services for women. Through advocating a holistic approach, the clinic promotes the comprehensive concepts of education and development, in addition to providing diagnosis and treatment. In 2014, Dr. Leong and his team left the IVF clinic he set up in 1985 at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital to establish Hong Kong’s largest and most advanced IVF centre, which is now run by seven doctors and five embryo specialists.

About WeDoctor

We Doctor Holdings Limited (“WeDoctor”) is China’s leading technology-enabled healthcare solutions platform, providing seamless online and offline healthcare services as well as integration of general practitioner and specialist doctors. Founded by Jerry Liao and his team in 2010, WeDoctor operates four main business segments, namely, WeDoctor Healthcare, WeDoctor Cloud, WeDoctor Insurance, and WeDoctor Pharma.

WeDoctor brings together government, hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions to create an innovative and holistic healthcare provision and funding ecosystem.

On the WeDoctor platform, there are over 2,700 hospitals, 220,000 leading doctors, 15,000 pharmacies and 27 million monthly active users.

Since the establishment of China’s largest appointment registration platform —, WeDoctor has continued to transform the healthcare system through technology with the creation of the nation’s first Internet hospital – Wuzhen Internet Hospital. It also launched the industry’s first domestic smart health terminal, and has made significant progress in the field of smart healthcare with the creation of AI-enabled diagnosis systems for both Western and Chinese medicine.

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