Official presentation of the 1st Leviosa International Motor Show Hong Kong 2019 One of the Top Motor Show in the World Dynamic and Luxurious Event with Innovative Format

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HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 30 January 2019 – Leviosa International Motor Show Hong Kong 2019 (LIMSHK), the first large-scale global automotive event in Hong Kong, will be held in December 2019 at AsiaWorld-Expo. The renowned car manufacturers from all over the world will have the chance to reveal new debut models as well as innovative technologies, components and parts in one of the world largest and futuristic annual motor shows, which will enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong and promote tourism development by becoming a highlighted tourist event every year in Hong Kong. Today, the organizer, Leviosa Global Limited, hosts a press conference and opening cocktail at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to officiate the opening of Leviosa IMSHK 2019, giving a brief introduction to all the guests. The press conference is bustling with the attendance of Head of Transport and Industrial of InvestHK, Mr. Benjamin Wong, Chairman of The Institute of the Motor Industry Hong Kong, Dr. Ringo Lee, etc., and have also invited famous socialites and celebrities to the opening cocktail, namely, BBS Alice Chiu Tsang Hok Wan, JP, Stephy Tang, Natalie Tong, etc. to witness this grand event in Hong Kong.


“With an array of top motor manufacturers from all over the world, we do believe that Leviosa International Motor Show Hong Kong 2019 can attract both local and overseas motoring fans, defining a new signature international motor event in Hong Kong,” said Ms. Cathlin Cheng, Managing Director of Leviosa Global Limited.

Chairman of The Institute of the Motor Industry Hong Kong, Dr. Ringo Lee said “Vehicle emissions control and energy saving are the major agenda in motor industry, and the development of electric vehicle is the key of success in promoting sustainable development in the market which could reduce energy consumption, protect the environment while maintaining car growth, as well as moving Hong Kong towards a smart city that the Hong Kong government has advocated for years. Today, the three prototypes are the role models for us to have a new insight of new technology development.” Dr. Lee also believed that such large-scale motor show can helps enhancing the understanding of Hong Kong people in global motor industry and further promoting other aspects, such as automotive design, high-end engineering services, new energy research, etc., in order to foster local economic development.

First time in history with the three Designing studios altogether presenting their creations


In Hong Kong there are going to be three beautiful cars, innovative as the event that will be launched. And the designer studios that draw them will be there to explain all the wonderful ideas that are behind their creations. It will be the first time ever that three studios will be altogether at the same event describing their work, because until now everyone did that in their own.

To mark this exciting moment, the organizer has specially flown three luxurious automobile prototypes, designed by world renowned design companies as GFG Style, Pininfarina and Flymove Dianchè. Who took their cars from Europe and unveiled in the opening ceremony. The design concepts of the three new hi-tech electric automobiles – GFG Sibylla GG 80 integrated with EnOSTM energy IoT platform, Pininfarina’s H2 Speed with revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell technology and Flymove Dianchè BSS GT One equipped with a fast recharge and battery swap systems – symbolize the transformation of future lifestyle with quality living experience, being more convenient and faster with greater economic benefits. The new concepts will lead the society to a new milestone and also mark the inauguration of Leviosa IMSHK 2019, which first edition is titled “Jump To The Future”.

Announced to partners in Italy last November, the striking concept car by Flymove Dianchè is demonstrated to the public for the very first time today in Hong Kong, to further consolidate the support and recognition from design companies and motor manufacturers to Hong Kong as a city to host an international motor show.

During the presentation of the opening cocktail, the representatives of the three prototypes – Mr. Fabrizio Giugiaro, CEO of GFG Style, Mr. Giuseppe Bonollo, Director Sales & Marketing Design of Pininfarina, and Mr. Carlos Arroyo Turon, Designer of Flymove Dianchè – all supported the concept that promoting environmental protection in motor industry and enhancing the popularization of electric vehicles is an indisputable issue in the foreseeable future. They are looking forward to more innovative concepts to be revealed at Leviosa IMSHK 2019 at the end of the year, bringing us a better quality of life.

Leviosa IMSHK 2019 Defines a New Signature International Motor Event for Hong Kong


In an area of 45,000 square meters, the 1st Leviosa International Motor Show Hong Kong 2019 will be hosted on 14-19 December, 2019 at AsiaWorld-Expo, with an array of top motor manufacturers from all over the world anchoring at this six-day event. Each of them will be allocated an independent booth to demonstrate their newest models, from luxury cars to supercars and concept cars, as well as the latest innovative technologies, components and parts. Virtual reality engagement with public, like VR driving, will also be arranged to make it as the most futuristic and dynamic motor show worldwide, attracting local and overseas motor fans to drive tourism and economic development in Hong Kong, consolidating Hong Kong’s reputation as a dynamic city.

The Trade Platform in Asia with Advanced Geographic Location


In addition, Hong Kong’s geographical location and convenient transportation network enhance Hong Kong as an international hub, providing a direct communication platform and business opportunities for car retailers in Europe, US and Asia, to further establish Hong Kong’s position as an international financial and trading center. The low tax-rate system also helps Hong Kong to become a more competitive trading platform for wolrd retailers in Asia, offering more business opportunities and promoting local economic development.

Leviosa Global Motor Exchange Programme to Foster Talents for the Industry in Hong Kong


With an aim to foster young talents for the industry and implement its corporate social responsibilities, Leviosa Global Limited is going to invite undergraduate students from Mechanical Engineering faculties of local universities to join an exchange programme with top motor manufacturers in Europe in 2019/2020. Factory visits and meetings with management will be available for students, in order to learn the precise and rigorous processes throughout the production. This exchange program can widen the horizons of Hong Kong students to enhance their professional knowledge on motor industry, as well as prepare them to be the future elites.

About Leviosa Global Limited


Leviosa Global Limited is an international sports and automotive event organizer, that creates spectacular live experiences for our visitors.

We are a team of international professional and passionate people who have a range of complementary skills with experiences in motorsport, marketing, conferences and events management. With a shared vision of delivering world class motor show to Asia, we are proud to present the 1st International Motor Show in Hong Kong in December 2019.

Integrating the strong capacities in both our Europe and Hong Kong offices, the holistic Leviosa global team aims to create a platform where international automotive manufacturers will meet with potential business partners in Asia to further enhance the development of motor industry in the Asian region.

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