Plan Flash Launches at S BLOCK Dubai Conference, Tens of Thousands of Nodes Rented on First Day!

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 01 October 2019 – The S BLOCK Interstellar Wallet 2.0 Dubai Summit was hosted at the Dubai Festival Arena on 20 September 2019. The event brought together over 30 international experts and leaders from the blockchain industry, dozens of world-renowned media outlets, leaders from investment institutions, and more than 4000 global community members.

The release of Plan Flash was the main highlight of the event. Plan Flash Global Community Spokesperson Lundi Klein took to the stage to share on the process and qualifications necessary to join, and how to earn revenue through the app.

After the summit, Plan Flash swept across world-leading financial media platforms, drawing attention from millions of people as the nascent disruptor of the data-processing industry. Based on initial data, over 60,000 users from around the world registered with Plan Flash during this period on the first day, and seized tens of thousands of nodes!

The profits of the big data industry are astronomical and increasing rapidly. How does Plan Flash earn its revenue?

Through blockchain technology, Plan Flash allows everyone to be a provider of data processors by pooling server power, increasing service competitiveness, and profit distribution to more people. Users gain benefits by renting a Plan Flash processor that is processing global data tasks.

With its globally-distributed data processing, individuals and businesses can use large amounts of decentralized computing resources at relatively low cost.

Individual owners can lease their computing resources, and small investors can rent processors to earn profits. The current data shows that users need only invest 3 SBOs per day to get more than 30% profits!

As a phenomenal blockchain product, the Plan Flash processor has six highlights, namely:

  1. Authenticity: Real data processing tasks, real data processing network
  2. Fairness: Everyone can analysis and decide rental strategies fairly through public revenue records
  3. Reliable Business Model: Data processing can generate real profits and ensure the sustainability of lightning plan projects
  4. Trillion-dollar Industry: It is estimated that the value of the data processing industry will exceed one trillion dollars within five years.
  5. Transparency: All strategies and revenue records are completely open for everyone to verify.
  6. Broad Future Prospects: Future world data infrastructure based on blockchain computing foundation.

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Download and register with one click, and realize financial freedom!

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