Primas in Korea: How blockchain projects around the world are turning to Korea for global reach

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Primas is devoted to the building of an Internet for content that can be trusted

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Media Outreach – 20 November 2018 –  Continuing the recent expansion into Korea, on November 9th, Primas held an offline meet-up in Seoul. In attendance were hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts, investors and representatives from research institutes across the country. This was the first sizeable offline event since the Primas Token’s (PST) listing on Korea’s largest exchange – Bithumb.

In attendance, Kitty Lan, Co-founder of Primas, revealed to the audience: “Korea is one of the most important markets in Primas’ global development strategy with the community on Kakaotalk and the Primas Naver already established and growing. Our Korean team has been assembled and we have reached strategic partnerships with some local Korean teams.”

Taking a strategically very open stance to cooperation in the country, the Primas team made the most of their time visiting a large number of blockchain and non-blockchain companies, including the Head of Gifto in Korea, and the Head of Pentabase.

Primas see the current state of the Internet as being filled with, fake news, plagiarism and generally low quality content as a result of the click economy and relationship between centralized platforms and ad services. Primas stands as an alternative to this system with the belief that the single defining factor in whether online content should be seen, monetised and believed, is quality.

Kitty expressed Primas welcoming any Korean company, research institute, blockchain project or content platform to step forward and help each other in achieving a more credible Internet.

Korean market has always been enthusiastic for blockchain technology.

Korean traditional media outlets have associated blockchain news portals with even some TV stations planning blockchain-related programs.

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology (Kaist), often referred to as Korean MIT, has also started extensive research around blockchain technology and is actively working with blockchain companies.

At the end of this month, Korea will host 2018 BUIDL Seoul, which is Korea’s largest blockchain technology summit so far, aiming to promote communication between blockchain practitioners, technology developers, and researchers worldwide. It is expected more than 400 blockchain technology developers from around the world will participate.

Primas has accepted the invitation and will attend the summit.

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