Singapore based SnapKAPOW™ seeking to make a change in this world with 3D SnapPrint technology

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 5 November 2019 –

Make An Action Figure of Yourself With a Snap

All you need is a snap, and you will make yourself your own action figurine. It is not that ‘Thanos Snap’ that can wipe out half of the universe, but the snap of many cameras at one time using 3D SnapPrint Technology. This newly launched tech was introduced by SnapKAPOW™, the trademarked brand by sustainable energy company, WSE Pte Ltd.


SnapPrint Technology combines whole-body photography with 3D printing. It is the first time in Singapore that such technology is introduced. Before 3D SnapPrint technology, traditional 3D printing of a human being was a very tedious process. It can only be scanned one at a time. From the front and back of the head, the body, the arms and the feet. Hence, it is tough to make your own action figurine with the traditional 3D printing. 3D SnapPrint technology, on the other hand, can more accurately capture your entire body physique, your clothing texture, your eyes’ position and even your facial expression.


Make an appointment with SnapKAPOW™. Dress up as your favourite superhero (or supervillain) for the photoshoot. Go into the photo booth and do your best pose. It will take approximately one second for the high definition cameras to capture a 360-degree picture of you. Check if you like your 3D image. Retake the photoshoot if necessary. Choose the size and material (sandstone or resin) for your action figurine. It will take approximately two weeks (express delivery) to four weeks (normal delivery) for your action figurine to be ready and couriered to your home address.


3D SnapPrint Technology can be used for various purposes. A newlywed couple can make figurines of themselves in their wedding attire. Instead of going for the traditional family portrait, families can choose to make an ‘action-figure version’ family portrait. Such technology will be prevalent among the cosplayers who will be excited to see action toys of themselves.

Moving the booth to YOUR PREMISE

Customers can also arrange for the 3D SnapPrint photobooth to be moved to their premises and events such as exhibition, company D&D, wedding and many more.

“Since young, I always love to become a superhero and have my own action figurine sold at the toy store. Well, at least now, my dream and many other superhero wannabes’ dreams, have come true with 3D SnapPrint technology. I guess that is my superpower.” said Mr KK Chua, the Founder of SnapKAPOW™.

Ever dream of having a superhero action figurine of you? Make it happen with SnapKAPOW™!

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