Spice up Your Life: Star-Level Enjoyment With Top Spicy Food

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StarWorld Hotel Redefines the Height of Spiciness

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – October 30, 2019 – StarWorld Hotel enjoys the fame as the first star-level entertainment hotel under Galaxy Entertainment Group, and is a delicacy paradise converging Hunan and Sichuan cuisine, continental delights, authentic Cantonese options and delightful French desserts. Upholding the philosophy of “A sensational medley of global cuisines”, it devotes to an amazing culinary journey to customers. Recently, the hotel launched the exclusive time-limited Hot Menu themed “Spice up Your Life”, allowing foodies to have an awesome experience from top spicy delicacies.

Spice up Your Life: Star-Level Enjoyment With Top Spicy Food


Spiciness gives thrilling taste to the tongue, makes gatherings more relaxing and cheerful, and arouses our desire to challenge the limits. Spiciness adds a shining color to the whole culinary journey. With its legendary Hot Menu, StarWorld Hotel desires to create a great dining experience for every customer.


Designed by Chef Chan Chek Keong, the award-winning Executive Chinese Chef of StarWorld Hotel, this time-limit Hot Menu is served in Feng Wei Ju, Jade de Jardin, Laurel and Sensations. Feng Wei Ju is the sole Hunan and Sichuan cuisine restaurant awarded with two Michelin stars for three consecutive years in the Hong Kong-Macao area, and offers authentic Hunan and Sichuan dishes. The 12 selected delicacies on the Hot Menu every month, along with other Chinese cuisines, have special appealingness to spicy food fans as they want to challenge and taste magic excitement on tip of the tongue.


“We pursue flavors, thrills and a healthy-balance of spicy taste,” said Executive Chinese Chef of StarWorld Hotel, Chan Chek Keong. Therefore, Chef Chan is meticulous on designing each dish in the Hot Menu, and creatively combines traditional cooking methods with novel ideas and fresh ingredients in order to present a new interpretation of spicy delicacies to customers.


For instance, the “Spicy Stewed Assorted Delicacies” is a traditional Hunan main dish served in high-end banquets, involving a variety of ingredients and complex cooking. It features hot soup based made with long chilies, delicious flavor and rich nutrition, reflecting family reunion and happiness.


Spicy cuisines at StarWorld Hotel authentically and innovatively adopt fresh seafood into brand-new spicy dishes, initiating a fantastic taste experience for Macau people who loves seafood. The unmissable dishes include Baked Abalone with Green Peppercorns, Fried Phoenix Tail Shrimp with Dried Chili, Crushed Garlic and Chili Mud Crab and Spicy Grouper with Pickled Chili.


The top spicy delicacies highlight the perfect balance of spiciness and ingredients, giving all spicy enthusiasts an unforgettabale experience with hot yet acceptable food. Moreover, chilies and Sichuan peppers are well-known for benefits in lowering blood pressure and anti-thrombus. Any spicy food mania should embrace the hot challenge at StarWorld Hotel!


The Hot Menu of StarWorld Hotel starts from October 1 to the end of 2019, creating a spicy life experience for each customer. Moreover, Lan Qijin, the Master of Sichuan Cuisine and Chef Chan Chek Keong will jointly unveil a special menu only for 3 weeks in November to extend the legend of spiciness.

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