Targus celebrates 35 years of innovation, pioneering daily solution for an ever-changing workforce to perform at their best anytime, anywhere

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BEIJING, CHINA – Media OutReach – 16 November 2018 – Targus, a leader in the mobile computing accessories, hosted the first-ever APAC Media and Disty Conference at The City Society of World Finance Centre in Beijing on November 15, celebrating its 35 years of strong and successful journey.

Since its foundation in 1983 with its heritage rooted in the mobility of on-the-go-professionals, Targus has established itself as a front-runner in the industry and continues to deliver cutting-edge, quality-made, productivity-boosting solutions via its carrying cases, tech accessories and peripherals.

“As pioneer in the mobile accessories category, we have been successful in contributing to enhance the everyday life of our consumers, offering innovative and advanced solutions for corporate business, travel, and lifestyle purposes. Today, we are proud to announce the significant milestone — our 35th anniversary and our 2019 collection, especially the docking solutions to cater the trend of mobile office and hot desk concept,” said Edith Ka, APAC Marketing Director of Targus.

During the conference, Targus 2019 new collection was unveiled with creative magic show and special runway. A striking international standard magic show performed by a famous Chinese magician “LEWIS” smartly narrated a storytelling of Targus innovation achieved over the decades that has enabled and empowered an ever-changing workforce to perform at their best.

Through a several magic scenarios, the innovation of Targus solutions with profound theories enhancing the daily life was smartly envisioned — highlighting that a moment with Targus makes complicated things much easier like a magic. For instance, an office station on the stage suddenly disappeared just like the way Targus “Hot Docks” efficiently save the office space, while magic cards were amazingly controlled by the magician LEWIS just like Targus “Remote-control Presenter” and unseen story could be only read by him like Targus “Privacy Screen”.

Followed by the magic show, Targus 2019 collections were showcased on a special runway. Interestingly, models wearing Targus’ backpacks were running across the irregular shape of runway instead of traditional T-stage. Key collections showcased during the runway were “Groove X generation 2 — Max and Compact”, “CityLite Pro“, “Newport generation 2 — convertible“, and “Work and Play“. “New iPad case” which is one of the season hot item of the brand was introduced. At the same time, “Targus USB-C™ Universal Quad Video HD Docking Station (DOCK520USZ)” which has won a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree and “Targus DOCK190″, a native USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 (USB Super Speed) Universal Docking Station (UDS) were also launched. Clothing of the models was sponsored by 33 XUANPRIVE — a luxury and famous Hangzhou fashion brand which provides prestige tailor-made clothing services for upper-class business men and women as well as top-tier Asia celebrities like Chi-ling Lin, and XuKi.

“Targus 2019 collections are produced by a mix of creative design, advanced technology, quality materials, ergonomics theories, and patented functions. What is even more amazing about our new collection is that some of the line-ups consist of unique functions like anti-forward tilting design and sling protection which enable stronger protection of your laptop, similar to the theory of air technology designed for running shoes to protect the feet. We hope our 2019 collection will further enhance the mobility of today’s on-the-go-professionals. Committed to support our consumers to perform at their best, we will continue to strive in our innovation to liberate our consumers in using their mobile devices in any and all environments,” added Edith Ka.

Another highlight of the event was a surprise visit of famous Asian Celebrity — Daniel Chan (陳曉東) to support Targus as a brand lover who enjoys various products of Targus in his daily life. The CEO — Mikel William was thrilled to present the special greeting gift as well as a welcome toast with all the guests.

Meanwhile, Targus 2019 collection was also showcased in three different thematic rooms — business, travel, fashion and lifestyle to emphasize its fit for broad audience and impact in their daily life. In addition, a pre-buy session with special discount provided a perfect ending of the conference.

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About Targus

Since creating its first laptop case more than 30 years ago, Targus has been a leader in the mobile computing accessories category for businesses and end users alike. Today, Targus continues to advance the category with innovative, productivity-boosting solutions that enable an ever-changing workforce to perform at their best — anytime, anywhere. Targus’ wide range of products — bags, cases, docking stations, and computer peripherals — designed with its industry-leading, patent-protected technologies deliver the protection and connectivity essential for today’s connected world. A trusted partner of SMBs and Fortune 1000 business worldwide, Targus is headquartered in Anaheim, California, with over 45 offices around the globe and distribution in more than 100 countries. To learn more, visit targus.com.

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Why named Targus?

The Founder of Targus is the die-heart fan of Porsche and his favorite model is Targa — TARGUS is therefore named!

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