The Land of Peace and Charity: The First Harmony & Synergy & World Peace International Forum in 2020 will Come on Stage in Taiwan this September

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TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 9 January 2020 – “Taiwan never absent towards international public welfare and charity, we have earned world-wide reputation and our friends from all over the world are all pleased to know Taiwan, appreciate Taiwan, and honors global NGOs in Taiwan.” said William Liu (劉昶緯), founder of “Long Hsiung Economic Development Foundation” and “Harmony & Synergy Culture Party”, who will host “The First Harmony & Synergy & World Peace International Forum in 2020” in September, honoring philanthropists from all over the world in the name of ‘Peace’.

Long Hsiung Economic Development Foundation is hosting First Harmony & Synergy & World Peace International Forum in 2020 in September 2020. The First Harmony & Synergy & World Peace International Forum in 2020 will feature Millennium Gall Wood Panda as spokesperson to promote world peace. William Liu (Founder of the Foundation)  and  Millennium Gall Wood Panda(Photo Credit: Long Hsiung Economic Development Foundation)


“The establishment of world peace requires a common spiritual language and a connected cultural brand as the baton of inheritance.” William Liu (劉昶緯) pointed out the foundation is entering its fourth year, there are so many things he has done that he can’t remember, but he will carry on, keep moving forward, so to help more people and fulfilling their dreams.

“There is also a hidden event in the forum this year.” William Liu (劉昶緯) gave a smile and told us it needs to keep as secret at this stage, but here’s the clue: “We will showcase this ‘Millennium Gall Wood Panda’ as the main show, it’s from our foundation’s exclusive collection, this will definitely delight our guests.”

At this very moment, the selection process for the awards is ongoing. According to William Liu (劉昶緯), they are expecting to deliver the winning list and invitations in Spring, so the winners from around the world can arrange their trip with a handful of time.

More information of “First Harmony & Synergy & World Peace International Forum in 2020” will be announced successively, so stay tuned for first-hand news with the Storm Media Group. For more information about the organizer, please refer to the “Long Hsiung Economic Development Foundation” website:

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