Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia will have the opportunity to learn about the latest Russian helicopter engine VK-2500PS-03

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HANOI, VIETNAM – EQS – November 26, 2018 – Customers from Southeast Asia will have the opportunity to learn about capabilities of the latest Russian civil turboshaft engine VK-2500PS-03 developed and manufactured by United Engine Corporation (part of Rostec State Corporation). Two engines of this type are part of the Mi-171A2 helicopter’s power unit. The helicopter participates in Russian Helicopters Holding Company’s demonstration tour of several countries of Southeast Asia — Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia.


VK-2500PS-03 is the latest modification of the VK-2500 engine with improved performance characteristics. It uses the most advanced FADEC-type digital electronic management and control system. The anti-surge control is implemented to eliminate the possibility of the engine failure and to make Mi-17 helicopters more functional when operating in highlands and hot climate.

The demonstration tour of the countries of Southeast Asia, in which the Mi-171A2 takes part, has the route of almost 5 thousand km long, and it passes through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It includes demonstration flights, as well as events for partners and potential operators organized to present key benefits of Russian helicopters and after-sales service.

“This engine continues the well-known series of TV3-117 engines and is its in-depth modernization, — said Aleksander Vatagin. — The presence of the FADEC-type digital control system is the main structural difference of VK-2500PS-03. The time between overhauls is twice as long as that of its predecessors. To date, the engine is certified by aviation authorities of Russia and the work on its validation in China is under way.”

During overhaul TV3-117 and VK-2500 engines can be refitted into the latest VK-2500PS-03.

The opportunity to control engine life depending on specific operating conditions instead of the previous approach to the life service estimation is of crucial importance for operators of VK-2500PS-03. Technical solutions used in VK-2500PS-03 by UEC-Klimov’s engineers allow to accurately determine the real state of the engine, which in turn eliminates the human factor.

Mi-171A2 is the latest modification of Mi-8/17/171 helicopters. Indicators of cruising and maximum speed of Mi-171A2 in relation to serially produced Mi-8/17 helicopters are increased by 10%, and carrying capacity — by 25%.

JSC United Engine Corporation (part of Rostec State Corporation) is an integrated company specializing in the development, serial production and maintenance of engines for aviation, space programs and navy, as well as the oil and gas industry and power industries.

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