Yamii makes its oral hyaluronic acid popular in Japan

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HANGZHOU, CHINA – Media OutReach – 1 July 2019 – The new arrival in Japan, yamii oral hyaluronic acid, is an anti-aging drink from Chinese brand YAMII, which has attracted great interest and affection from Japanese consumers, and has offered a magical solution for Japanese ladies to beat aging.

YAMII is short for YLM, the first and last letter “Y” and “M” are abbreviations of the Yamii brand, and the middle “L” implies the YAMII’s 3L standard (Love, Lab and Life).

Founded in 2015, Yamii is aiming to open a new market of skin care drinks in China. After that, Yamii and DAIDO Pharmaceutical Corporation have reached strategic cooperation to jointly develop and produce Yamii products.

Made up of skin care materials selected from six countries, this anti-aging drink contains eleven core ingredients and several patented top raw materials, with scientific ratio. A bottle of this product can endow girls with healthy and glowing skin, which turns out to be the far more advanced technology in anti-aging.

Yamii Oral Hyaluronic Acid contains Japan’s top DNA fish roe essence and is scientifically certified as the best supply of nucleic acid and nucleotide to provide top skin care and delay aging. Fish bone meal contains 80% hyaluronic acid, and hyaluronic acid boasts stronger ability to preserve moisture, making it an edible grade product. Glutathione, certified by FDA, is a vital antioxidant substance in human body and is called “the mother of antioxidant”. It can protect cells, promote metabolism, neutralize toxins, inhibit tyrosinase activity and make skin glow.

YAMII’s Oral Caviar Hyaluronic Acid is not only rich in hyaluronic acid with strong moisture retention, but also enjoys natural extracts. Lotus seed germ extraction, a Japanese patent, can beautify skin, increase collagen proliferation, promote hyaluronic acid proliferation, and improve skin metabolism and repair. It also contains extracts with superb antioxidant capacity including red pomegranate extract, Israeli white tomato extract, pitaya calyx extract, etc.

Based on the skin characteristics of Asian women, we choose foreign imported raw materials to provide them with healthy skin care drinks. This luxurious product is made in Japan, with anti-aging efficacy. With decades of intensive cultivation in this field, we aim to endow women with health and glowing skin.

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